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Welcome May, Glad to see ya!

Happy May quilting friends!

We hope this month finds you all healthy and safe.


Thank you to all our old friends who stopped by while in Paducah KY, it’s always good to see you! We are also thankful for the new friends we met while there, thank you too!!

What’s blooming at Block Party you ask?


May is one of two months a year we release NEW STUFF!!! We have new panels & patterns which are absolutely breathtaking, keep up the good work ladies! I’ll start with “Hear Our Prayer, O Lord” panel, which was a HUGE hit in Paducah, we sold out! This goes with our new pattern entitled the same, “Hear Our Prayer, O Lord”.
      Next we have a mini panel & Pattern called, “Patience & Petals”. It looks awesome when colored with our brush tip pens and is suitable for wall hanging or would be adorable as a yard/garden flag!          
Then we have “Label Medley III”. As requested this label panel has more writing surface than previous ones and is very versatile. We’ve paired classic florals and frames with some bolder, more contemporary lines!                
      Last but not least, “Words of Comfort” panel
with “Shining Lights” pattern.



Both the “Hear Our Prayer O Lord” and “Shining Lights” pattern are interchangeable with several of our other panels, including….”Dear Mother”              

….HINT? HINT? Would make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift!!

Where on earth are the Block Party girls headed next? SPRING BREAK!!, I mean Spring Market! This year spring market is in Minneapolis MN, so Dani & Jolene will be hitting the road mid-month. If you’re in Minneapolis May 15th-17th, please come and find us, we’ll be in booth #1514!

Ready, Set, SHOP HOP!!


Our shop-hop fabric should be in soon, and we are taking pre-orders!

For more info go to We look forward to seeing you again!


Lastly, but most importantly, we would like to say thank you to all mothers who put themselves on the back burner for the most rewarding, least paid, life changing experience this world has to offer, motherhood. Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day!



The Block Party Studios Family