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NEW 2017 Fall Panels!

Happy Fall to all of our friends, we hope you're taking time to enjoy all that nature has to offer!

I would like to send out a BIG Thank You to all who came out to enjoy the last AQS/DesMoines Area Quilt Guild show. We are sad to see it end, but it went out with a bang!

A special thank you to the Guild Members who volunteered to booth sit so vendors could take a break-you are indispensable!

 **Remember-visit our showroom to use your 20% off coupon valid now through December 31, 2017-good for in-store, in-stock merchandise!

Busy, Busy, Busy. All of us here at Block Party have been running around like crazy to prepare for Fall Market! Dani & her husband will be leaving early Tuesday morning headed for Houston, TX.

Can you imagine, after all the flooding and what goes with it, thousands of quilters from around the world will be invading their city! Just goes to show...there MUST be some SERIOUS quilter's in Texas!!

New for Fall Market...
    "Rejoice!" Rejoice is our new faith-panel, it has a coordinating pattern also entitled Rejoice! This panel & pattern is truly stunning... great job Dani! We have both pattern/panels ready & waiting for you!!

Rejoice Pattern

Rejoice Panel

Rejoice Panel & Pattern

We gave you Therapy (Therapy In Session), then you asked for Chocolate (Chocolate Is My Passion), so we gave it to you. Then you demanded Coffee (Coffee Time), so you got it. Now let me...
    "Wine A Bit..."which is another of our new panel/patterns! That's right, you asked, we made it! It's awesome, take a look!

Wine a Bit...
Pattern & Panel

Wine a Bit... Panel
Wine a Bit... Pattern Only

Last but far from least...
    "Let's Fight Together". This is a very special panel for some of the most special little people out there who are feeling kind of blue...
    Stay strong little ones, you're not alone!

Let's Fight Together Panel

Like it's predecessor, "What Cancer Cannot Do"," Let's Fight Together" has it's own adorable pattern free on our website,

Quilt Festival is the week after market, November 2-5th, our booth is # 106. Please stop & catch up with Dani, I think she gets lonely without the rest of us!

Thank you for keeping up with our going ons and we hope everyone has a wonderful fall and don't forget, it's time to start those Christmas gifts!

Block Party Studios crew,
Dani, Patti, Joan & Me! (Jolene)