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Where Are My Keys? - Key Collar

Keep track of your keys w"i"th th"i"s key collar. Text reads "Where Are My Keys?" "I Can't F"i"nd My Keys."


Serenity Prayer Quilt Fabric Panel

UPCs: 645, 645
Manufacturer #s: 645BW, 645BN

Th"i"s t"i"meless prayer comes hand pr"i"nted two-up on a fat quarter w"i"th Black pr"i"nt on Natural or Wh"i"te fabr"i"c. Fabr"i"c panel "can" also be purchased w"i"th EZ-Framez Qu"i"lt Pattern.


Comfort of Psalms Quilt Pattern with Beatitudes Panel

UPCs: 50902, 50902
Manufacturer #s: 50902BW, 50902BN

Qu"i"lt as you go "i"nstruct"i"ons make th"i"s an easy weekend project w"i"th ten quotes from the Beat"i"tudes (f"i"n"i"sh to 3" X 9" each) to make a 39" X 48" qu"i"lt for the lap or the wall!


Readers are Leaders Quilt Fabric Panel

UPC: 611
Manufacturer #: 611BW

Wh"i"te fabr"i"c w"i"th black pr"i"nt qu"i"lt panel. Can be hand colored w"i"th Fabr"i"cMate dye pens.


Baskets of Blessings Pattern and Panel

UPCs: 57260, 57260
Manufacturer #s: 57260W, 57260N

The "Baskets of Bless"i"ngs" panel conta"i"ns 2 Psalms 126:5 and 67:6 and f"i"ts "i"t's own pattern that when f"i"n"i"shed measures 57.5" x 57.5".


Psalm 23 Quilt Fabric Panel

UPCs: 646, 646
Manufacturer #s: 646BW, 646BN

Th"i"s scr"i"ptural verse "i"s a staple for anyone fac"i"ng advers"i"ty or loss part and parcel to the human cond"i"t"i"on. Two beaut"i"fully scr"i"pted vers"i"ons come hand pr"i"nted on a fat quarter "i"n Black pr"i"nt on Natural or Wh"i"te fabr"i"c.


Giggles Pattern by Jaybird Quilts

The g"i"ggles baby qu"i"lt pattern f"i"n"i"shes to 40" x 44". The baby "i"n your l"i"fe w"i"ll love the chunky chevron colors.


Faith Hope & Love Quilt Fabric Panel

UPCs: 647, 647
Manufacturer #s: 647BW, 647BN

S"i"x "i"nsp"i"rat"i"onal blocks w"i"th scr"i"pture verses "i"n concert w"i"th the three blocks "Fa"i"th Hope and Love" w"i"th the t"i"tle banner. Black pr"i"nt on Natural or Wh"i"te fabr"i"c. Fabr"i"c panel "can" also be purchased w"i"th Qu"i"lt Pattern 54700.


Fantastic Felines Pattern and Panel

UPCs: 53400, 53400
Manufacturer #s: 53400BW, 53400BN

F"i"n"i"shed s"i"ze of qu"i"lt "i"s 27" x 27" or 27" x 33". Hand pr"i"nted fat quarter comes "i"n natural or wh"i"te. Pr"i"nted w"i"th black "i"nk.


Things Quilters Really Think V Panel

UPCs: 690, 690
Manufacturer #s: 690BW, 690BN

We have created one more "i"n our Th"i"ngs Qu"i"lters Really Th"i"nk ser"i"es number f"i"ve. It???s qu"i"lter???s h"i"lar"i"ty pr"i"nted on fabr"i"c! Pr"i"nted w"i"th black "i"nk on wh"i"te or natural fabr"i"c.