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Fruit of the Spirit Quilt Fabric Panel

UPCs: 648, 648
Manufacturer #s: 648BW, 648BN

N"i"ne blocks each w"i"th one Fru"i"t of the Sp"i"r"i"t descr"i"bed "i"n Galat"i"ans 5:22-23 w"i"th t"i"tle banner block. Black pr"i"nt on Natural or Wh"i"te fabr"i"c. Fabr"i"c panel "can" also be purchased w"i"th Qu"i"lt Pattern 54800.


Our Daily Bread Quilt Pattern and Panel

UPCs: 55500, 55500
Manufacturer #s: 55500BW, 55500BN

Four table wear opt"i"ons "i"n th"i"s easy to sew 36" X 24" table topper w"i"th add"i"t"i"onal opt"i"ons for a 24" octagonal topper a 12" X 48" runner and a 12" X 36" runner.


Guiding Stars Quilt Pattern (pattern only)

UPC: 52100

Gu"i"d"i"ng Stars Pattern Only. The qu"i"lt pattern makes a 45" x 51" wall hang"i"ng. It pa"i"rs well w"i"th many of our panels such as Baby K"i"sses, Dear Mother, Dear Daughter, Dear S"i"ster, Table Grace, Dogg"i"e D"i"ar"i"es, Fantast"i"c Fel"i"nes, and Comfort of Psalms II.


Inventory Control Quilt Panel

UPC: 649
Manufacturer #: 649BW

Every seasoned qu"i"lter w"i"ll howl w"i"th recogn"i"t"i"on at th"i"s h"i"lar"i"ous hand pr"i"nted fat quarter featur"i"ng a "stash secur"i"ty" agent protect"i"ng her fabr"i"c vault! Black pr"i"nt on wh"i"te fabr"i"c. Fabr"i"c panel "can" also be purchased w"i"th Qu"i"lt Pattern 54900.


Spell It Yourself! Quilt Fabric Panel

UPCs: 695, 695
Manufacturer #s: 695BW, 695BN

Th"i"rty F"i"ve of the Alphabet 3‚Äù square f"i"n"i"sh 2 ¬?‚Äù. There "i"s 1 of each of the 26 letters plus 2 extra ‚ÄúA‚Äôs‚Äù ‚ÄúE‚Äôs‚Äù ‚ÄúO‚Äôs‚Äù and ‚ÄúU‚Äôs‚Äù and 1 extra ‚ÄúI‚Äù. Pr"i"nted "i"n


Words of Christmas Quilt Fabric Panel

UPCs: 694, 694
Manufacturer #s: 694BW, 694BN

Th"i"s panel "i"s a take off of our ???Fru"i"t of the Sp"i"r"i"t??? panel. We have put 9 words that rem"i"nd us of the Hol"i"day season: Noel M"i"racles Angel Bless"i"ngs Peace Baby Hope Love and Joy. Each f"i"n"i"shes 5??? square. Along w"i"th the banner.


Smorgasbord Quilt Pattern with Our America Fabric Panel

UPCs: 56700, 56700
Manufacturer #s: 56700BW, 56700BN

Use the four Our Amer"i"ca fabr"i"c panel quotes to create "do"zens of p"i"llow and qu"i"lt comb"i"nat"i"ons ñ ìa true smorgasbord!" These four quotes encapsulate patr"i"ot"i"c love of Amer"i"ca!


Word for all Occasions Quilt Fabric Panel

UPCs: 644, 644
Manufacturer #s: 644BW, 644BN

15 Qu"i"lt s"i"gnature labels f"i"n"i"sh"i"ng to 5" X 3.5" each hand pr"i"nted w"i"th black "i"nk on wh"i"te or natural fabr"i"c. Each label procla"i"ms a d"i"fferent scr"i"ptural verse as a perfect compl"i"ment to our Comfort of Psalms ser"i"es or su"i"table for any occas"i"on.


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